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  • eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD
  • eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD
  • eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD eWeather HD
eWeather HD 官方介绍eWeather拥有简单时尚的操作界面,准确的天气信息以及大量的数据资料,为您提供了10日之内的天气预报和气压表(气压表包含了24小时的气压信息),以及地震信息等等。eWeather可以预报世界范围内超过13万个城市的天气状况,这些数据均由欧洲的foreca.com和美国的intellicast.com独家提供!)特点? 可以大范围覆盖欧洲,亚洲和美国地区? 24小时之内每小时一次预报更新? 可以预报长达10日之内的天气预报? 即时天气信息? 气压表? 24小时的气压和温度趋势? 地震信息? 全球海洋表面温度? 专为iphone5和iPad设计的个性用户界面? 来自intellicast.com 和foreca.com可信赖的天气资源? 10日内的详细天气预报包含超过15种气象参数? 天文数据日出日落以及月出月落? 每小时的天气预报拥有5种以上不同的参数? 世界时钟 eWeather HD is a visually stunning, feature-rich weather app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Get accurate weather conditions and ten-day forecasts, severe weather aleRTS and maps, temperature on your home screen, multi-layered weather maps and more! Download the power of eWeather HD to your iPhone or iPad! eWeather HD will help you to plan your outdoor ACTivities with the amazing accuracy. Just take a look at the Weather Clock and you’ll be informed when you should take an umbrella! eWeather HD also includes interactive weather maps, earthquake map and detailed severe weather maps. eWeather HD uses two sources (located in the U.S. and E.U.) to bring you precise hourly forecasts as well as a full ten day forecast. Multi-provider system lets you choose the most accurate weather data for your location. eWeather HD uses latest technology to show you the current temperature (or feels like temperature) of any location right on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Home Screen! In addition to the temperature badge, you can set up the app to notify you of any changes in the weather as they happen, right in the Lockscreen and Notification Center. Barometer - a diagram showing the pressure changes during the past 24 hours. Now you always know the cause of headaches or migraines if it is linked with changes in the air pressure. When a dangerous pressure change has been detected the diagram will change the color. Another great feature is a weather alert system which includes push notifications and notification center support. This makes it even easier to keep tabs on what’s going on around you. Enjoy the weather! Key Features ? Two Reliable, Accurate Data Sources based in the U.S. and E.U ? Long-term ten-day weather forecast ? Precise 24-hourly forecasts ? Two color schemes (Black and White) ? Severe weather areas on the map (interactive, vector-based) ? “Follow me” (weather based on your physical location) ? Severe weather advisories, watches and warnings (U.S. and E.U.) ? Weather maps as they appear on TV (multilayered severe weather, current weather, weather forecast and earthquakes) ? Realtime informing about weather (Notification Center, PUSH) ? Current temperature / “Feels like” temperature on your home screen using the “app badges” ? World Time World Weather World earthquakes World Sea surface temperatures (map overview detailed display) * Ad-free. No limitations. No subscription fees. No hidden costs. Frequent updates. Features include ? 130,000 locations worldwide ? Unique clock-like interface ? Current weather conditions including humidity, wind and pressure ? Sunrise and Sunset times ? Moon day, Moon phase, Moon set and Moon rise times ? Feels like temperature ? Hourly precipitation forecasts ? Rainfall amounts (Foreca.com only) ? Barometric pressure and the temperature trend diagram displays the last 24 hours ? Hourly UV forecast ? Alternative way of displaying negative temperatures on home screen ? Locations can be added by GPS, Zip Code, or by browsing the location list ? Space Weather Predictions Geomagnetic activity forecast (NOAA) Specifications ? Available in 37 languages (translated by native speakers) ? Full retina display support (HD graphics)手机eWeather HD app截图



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