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Listen 官方介绍Improve your foreign language with quot;Listen amp; Speakquot;. FREE.You learn a foreign language and have difficulty understanding live speech? Not enough time for a speaking prACTice with a teacher?You have enough free time, but nobody near who could verify the correctness of your speech?We offer to transform your device in a foreign language teacher.Here we use a method when templates patterns of studied language should be read, understood, listened, and pronounced sequentially. The application then allows listening to both the sample and your speech to analyze your pronunciation. You can also use an option to recognize your speech for automatic comparing to the sample and calculating an estimation of success. You can learn practically ANY language, even several ones at the same time You can PRACTICE when you have some time for it, even on the GO You can install FREELY additional themes English, Spanish, French, German, and others soon using menu Install on the tab Themes. Consider moving on PRO version to eliminate ads, have full control over the themes content and get additional functions and support.Please find details of using this unique app here:http:www.9spikes.comLSTeacher.aspxImportant notes: Quality of the speech depends on the quality of the voice output engines installed on your device and can not be controlled fully from the quot;Listen amp; Speakquot;. If you are on Android 2.2 or later you can also find and install thirdparty voice output engines as SVOX, Loquendo, IVONA, for example to use instead of preinstalled engines. You will get much better speech quality. If you use functions based on the internet services translation and speech recognition please keep in mind that their quality strongly depends on the quality of internet connection.Permissions:RECORD audio MODIFYDELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFYDELETE SD CARD CONTENTS Record audio from the microphone in a fileCHANGE YOUR AUDIO SETTINGS For quot;Earpiece outputquot; modeFULL INTERNET ACCESS, VIEW NETWORK STATE Provide the ads Access to the translation service Access to the speech recognition serviceREAD PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY Process an incoming phone call to avoid an interference of a learning speech to the phone conversation手机Listen app截图



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